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Spaying and neutering are the most common pet operations, but many people know little about them aside from unwanted pregnancy. We at Hickory Grove Animal Hospital in Charlotte, NC believe that more information should be available for those considering getting one of these operations for their pets. This will help to explain why veterinarians are so positive on the procedures.

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What is Spaying and Neutering?

These are terms for the sterilization or "fixing" of pets. Spaying is the procedure for females, and it involves removing the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus. Neutering is for males, and it is the removal of the testicles.

What Do the Procedures Do Other than Prevent Unwanted Litters?

Many people don't realize that there are plenty of benefits to spaying and neutering besides stopping the production of unwanted litters. For male animals, neutering helps to reduce aggression, roaming, territorial marking, and general hard-headedness. It also reduces or eliminates problems related to the reproductive system, such as prostate and other cancers.

For females, spaying eliminates the risk of many diseases of the reproductive system and reduces the chance of getting cancer in the remaining related parts (such as the breasts). It also can improve behavior, reducing the drive to roam, howl or caterwaul to attract mates, mark territory, and be obstinate. It eliminates heats, so the animals stay cleaner all year round.

Does Spaying and Neutering Automatically Eliminate Bad Behavior?

It can reduce or eliminate some behaviors if done early enough in your pet's life. However, if the pet has already learned a bad behavior, such as marking, it will have to be trained away. What it will do is eliminate the instinctual drive toward certain behaviors, so in young animals, this training will be easier to accomplish. However, traits that are generally hormone-driven, such as the aggression that accompanies mate-seeking, should show marked reductions.

How Soon Can I Have my Pet Fixed?

Puppies and kittens can be spayed or neutered at as young as eight weeks.

Is There an Upper Age Limit?

No, but adult animals sometimes suffer more complications. They also won't gain as many health-protective benefits. That said, it is never too late to prevent unwanted puppies and kittens.

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