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Senior Pet Care with our Charlotte Veterinarian

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Sometimes the term "old friend" doesn't just apply to the length of time you've known your pet. Pets can advance from babyhood to their senior years with astonishing speed. But old doesn't have to mean decrepit if you give your old friend the care he needs. Hickory Grove Animal Hospital can serve as your source for this senior pet care.

Your Aging Dog or Cat: What You Should Know

By the time most dogs and cats reach the age of 7, they're making (or they have already made) the transition from "adult" to "geriatric." Your pet's fur may lose a bit of its color, and you may notice that he isn't as active as he used to be. If he keeps eating his usual diet without exercise, he may become obese, which in turn sets the stage for a variety of diseases.

Senior pets are more likely to develop cancer, internal organ dysfunction, dental problems, and systemic ailments such as diabetes. They may also have trouble getting around due to arthritis. Hearing and vision may decline, and dementia can develop. If your senior pet is no longer following your commands, he may be mentally confused or he might simply not be hearing you very well.

Senior Pet Wellness Care and Treatment

Everyone needs some extra help as they get older, and pets are no exception. Our veterinarian in Charlotte NC, Dr. Huskey, responds to this need by recommending, not one annual wellness exam, but two. We examine senior pets twice a year to catch any of those age-related health problems that might otherwise sneak up on them. These tests include:

  • Thorough blood and urine testing to check for cancer, diabetes, and other internal disorders
  • Vital sign testing to look for issues such as high blood pressure or heart problems
  • Evaluation of your pet's cognitive, motor, and sensory functions
  • Weighing your pet to see whether he's at risk for obesity

There are many things we can do to help your senior pet can stay as healthy and happy as possible. Our veterinarian in Charlotte NC can prescribe medications, diets, and other treatments to cope with chronic conditions. A combination of dietary adjustments and exercise can help your pet get his weight under control. We can even recommend changes you can make around the house to make life easier for your geriatric friend.

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Old friends often make the best friends -- and your best friend is relying on you. Call Hickory Grove Hospital at 704-563-5858 to schedule senior pet care from our veterinarian in Charlotte NC!


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