Pet Ultrasound

Pet Ultrasound Services From Your Veterinarian in Charlotte, NC

Address your pet’s distress with a pet ultrasound. This unique and non-invasive technique allows your veterinarian in Charlotte, NC to accurately diagnose and treat a range of conditions. Hickory Grove Animal Hospital uses pet ultrasound to help pet owners assess the state of a pet’s health and get detailed information not available through the use of other methods. This advanced technology is available at Hickory Grove Animal Hospital. Understand more about pet ultrasound and how it can benefit your pet.

pet ultrasound services from your veterinarian in charlotte, nc

What is Pet Ultrasound?

An ultrasound or ultrasonography is an imaging technique using recording echoes and ultrasonic waves to create images of internal body structures. Ultrasounds are considered to be a safer alternative to x-rays. Pet ultrasounds provide veterinarian staff and pet owners details via a 2-dimension picture of an examined area.

Why Would Pet Ultrasounds Be Used on Pets?

Pet ultrasounds are useful in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of conditions. This procedure was first used to diagnose pregnancy but is now also used to identify abdominal organ changes, evaluate developing or existing heart conditions and assess the state of cysts and tumors. Pet ultrasounds are generally used in the evaluation of soft tissue structures, including organs, blood vessels, and muscle. Different modes of pet ultrasound can be used in the assessment, treatment, and monitoring of:

  • Abdominal structures;
  • Eye diseases;
  • Cardiac function;
  • Pregnancy diagnosis; and
  • The motion of structures and blood flow through vessels and the heart.

Pet ultrasounds are used to provide details on internal structures without invasive measures. Information is used to inform diagnosis and monitor conditions, as well as observe the progress of specific conditions. This painless procedure provides pet owners and veterinary staff the information necessary to decide on next steps.

Pet ultrasounds are a safe diagnostic tool to deliver high-quality imaging on the internal structures of a pet. This is a comfortable process for most pets. Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian at Hickory Grove Animal Hospital for a pet ultrasound if you suspect a pregnancy or changes to the internal organs or structures in your pet.

What Can Pet Owners Expect from the Pet Ultrasound Experience?

Pet owners can generally expect an experience that provides needed information about a particular health condition or injury. Many pets lay comfortably during the scanning process. Stressed or anxious pets may benefit from a mild sedative. Anesthesia is not generally used during a pet ultrasound. A pet ultrasound is performed in real time. Results are available immediately for review.

It is important to note that for the majority of cases, it will be useful to shave the fur on the area where an ultrasound will be performed. The probe must be able to make full contact with the skin of a pet. This may not be required in a pregnancy diagnosis. Shaving an area allows for better quality images.

Pet Ultrasound from Your Veterinarian in Charlotte, NC

Veterinarians and staff at Hickory Grove Animal Hospital have served pets and pet owners in the Charlotte area since 1987. Pet ultrasound is a service that can inform diagnose and treatment for pets that show unusual behavioral changes or obvious signs of injury. Your veterinarian in Charlotte, NC provides wellness services, including pet ultrasound, internal medicine consultations, surgical services, emergency care and more. Pet ultrasound allows pet owners to get beloved pets the care and attention they need for an optimal recovery from illness and injury. Call Hickory Grove Animal Hospital at 704-563-5858 to schedule a pet ultrasound appointment today. 


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