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Pet Surgery Services at Hickory Grove Animal Hospital

No pet owner wants to see their pet in pain. Pet surgical services and emergency care are available for pets and their owners in the Charlotte area. Pet surgery and anesthesia may be needed to address an array of conditions. Your veterinarian in Charlotte, NC offers pet surgery at Hickory Grove Animal Hospital for routine and non-routine conditions. Support your pet’s health with necessary pet surgery, anesthesia or emergency care.

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Why is Pet Surgery Necessary?

Pet surgery is part of routine and non-routine health procedures. In order to reduce feral populations and avoid unwanted pregnancies, veterinarians recommend spaying and neutering dogs and cats. This is one of the common surgeries performed on Charlotte area pets.

Non-routine surgeries may be needed to address a range of health conditions and injuries. Pet surgery may be scheduled or included within an emergency treatment to address conditions including:

  • Mass removals
  • Orthopedic repairs
  • Foreign body removals
  • Soft tissue trauma repair

Ultrasound and consultation services can help determine the type of surgery necessary to address a specific health condition or injury. Anesthesia or a mild sedative may be needed to calm a pet and reduce their discomfort associated with a pet surgery. Pet surgery is used to alleviate an animal’s distress, support their health and reduce the likelihood of their death from an accident, injury or illness.

Why Use Anesthesia During Surgery?

Anesthesia can make a surgical process easier on a pet. Your veterinarian will determine whether or not anesthesia will benefit a pet during a surgery. A thorough pet history and pet examination provides information on additional consideration when it comes to the application of anesthesia for a pet. There are different anesthesia regimes to suit a pet’s specific case. Hickory Grove Animal Hospital specialists may recommend:

  • A tranquilizer or sedative
  • Inhalant anesthesia
  • General anesthetic
  • An intravenous catheter

The use of anesthesia accompanies many routine and non-routine pet surgeries. Pets are monitored while anesthesia is applied and during and after any surgical procedure. The type and amount of anesthesia used is determined on a case by case basis. Speak with your veterinarian at Hickory Grove Animal Hospital to discuss the need of anesthesia for a surgical procedure.

What Medications and At-home Treatment Are Necessary After Surgery?

It may take time for pets to feel like their old selves after surgery. It can take a few days for the effects of anesthesia to wear off. Behavioral changes are known to occur during these first few days. Medications are prescribed depending on the surgery, pet response, breed, prior history and other factors. Some breeds may need to kept in warm environment and other breeds should be allowed to remain in cooler environments during their recovery. It is best to keep small children and any irritating factors, such as other pets, away from a pet which has recently undergone surgery and may exhibit behavioral changes. It is important to discuss the medications a pet will require for their recovery and adhere to guidelines given by a veterinarian or veterinary staff.

Pet Surgery from Your Veterinarian in Charlotte, NC

Since 1987, Hickory Grove Animal Hospital staff has served Charlotte area pets and pet owners. This full-service animal hospital offers pet surgery and anesthesia to address unwanted pregnancy, illness or injury. Your veterinarian in Charlotte, NC provides pet ultrasound, internal medicine consultations, emergency care and more. Contact Hickory Grove Animal Hospital at 704-563-5858 to schedule an appointment for pet surgery or to come in for emergency care today. 


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