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Hickory Grove Animal Hospital Answers Your Pet Dental Care FAQs

You may not think about your pet’s dental health in the same way as your own, but animals depend on their teeth for good nutrition and comfort, just as you do. Good dental care can make a difference, particularly as pets age. At Hickory Grove Animal Hospital in Charlotte, NC, we offer cleaning and dental surgery for good dental health at every stage of life. Here are a few frequently asked questions we encounter from pet owners.

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Why Is Pet Dental Health Important?

Healthy teeth are important because it allows your pet to feed normally, to get the nutrients he or she needs to stay in good condition. Good dental health also prevents pain and distress that can cause irritability or aggressive behavior. Clean, healthy teeth can also prevent bacteria from migrating to other organs of the body, such as the heart or kidneys. Good dental health can also prevent periodontal disease that causes tooth loss. It also prevents bad breath and expensive vet bills from decayed, damaged teeth.

What Will The Vet Be Looking For During A Dental Health Checkup?

During a dental checkup, the vet will detect bad breath that could indicate bacteria in the mouth or a tooth problem. The vet will also check how much tartar has built up on the teeth, loose or damaged teeth, how the teeth align and any signs of mouth discomfort.

What Are Some Common Pet Dental Problems?

Bad breath is a very common problem in pets that could result from dirty teeth or decayed teeth. Some animals retain their baby teeth, which can cause poor alignment of teeth. An inflammation of mouth tissues, called stomatitis, can cause soreness in the mouth. Periodontal disease can cause loosening of the animal’s teeth and requires treatment.

How Can Veterinarians Help Care For My Pet’s Teeth?

During regular exams, your Charlotte vet can check your pet’s teeth for plaque buildup. If necessary, a teeth cleaning can be scheduled. Your vet in Charlotte will also check for loose teeth or teeth that are out of alignment that could prevent normal eating. Your vet can also help you choose effective products to help clean your pet’s teeth.

Make Hickory Grove Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian in Charlotte, NC

Dr. Sherry Huskey and the team at Hickory Grove Animal Hospital are dedicated to providing compassionate, professional care for their patients in Charlotte, NC and surrounding communities. We offer examinations, vaccinations, preventive care, surgery, diagnostics, pharmacy services, boarding and grooming. Call Hickory Grove Animal Hospital today at 704-563-5858 for an appointment to learn more about the best ways to care for your pet's teeth and health.


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