Services Offered by Our Charlotte Veterinarians

At Hickory Grove Animal Hospital, we truly care about every patient we see. Each Charlotte veterinarian at our clinic is trained in a variety of disciplines and treatment techniques, making it easier to provide the services your pets need as they age and enjoy life.

Are you looking for a new veterinarian in Charlotte? Here you can find information on the services offered at our animal hospital. Call us today!

Pet Exams from Your Veterinarian in Charlotte

Regular physical exams are an important part of your pet's wellness care. If you need a new veterinarian in Charlotte, call us today to schedule your pet's first exam. Our veterinary team recommends exams every six months, to help us keep track of any changes in nutrition, weight, energy levels, dental health, fur and skin condition, and more. Your pet will receive a thorough nose-to-tail exam.

Pet Vaccinations

Your pets deserve protection from contagious and infectious diseases. Fortunately, we offer all the core vaccines that dogs and cats need in Charlotte, plus a variety of non-core pet vaccines to accommodate unique risk factors. We keep pets on strict vaccination schedules to maintain their immunity to rabies, Bordetella, and other common diseases. Whether your new puppy needs his first shot or your aging cat is behind on her booster shots, we will make sure your pets are protected. After we examine your pet and learn more about their medical history, we will recommend the best vaccines for them.

Pet Identification: Our Charlotte Vet does Microchipping

We offer microchips for your pet identification. The main benefit of microchip implantation in pets is the increased chance that you will be reunited with your lost or stolen pet. Please click here for more information.

Laboratory Services at Our Charlotte Animal Hospital

Hickory Animal Hospital is fully equipped to handle your pet's diagnostic and treatment needs. Our in-house laboratory is ready to analyze samples and test your pets for parasites, diseases, organ damage, and other abnormalities that may be the cause of recent symptoms. We use commercial laboratories for specialized diagnostics, but our in-house laboratory tests will reveal signs of heartworm, tickborne diseases, feline leukemia, FIV, parvovirus, glaucoma, ringworm, mange, corneal ulcers, internal parasites, and nutritional deficiencies. Here's a more complete list of the lab services offered:

  • Feline Leukemia/Feline Immunodeficiency Virus/Feline heartworm testing
  • Heartworm and tickborne disease testing
  • Parvovirus testing
  • Canine and feline pancreatic disease testing
  • Skin Scraping for mange
  • Ringworm testing
  • Eye pressure testing for glaucoma and eye stain for corneal ulcer diagnosis
  • Blood Analysis: CBC, Chemistry, and Electrolyte testing
  • Fecal analysis for intestinal parasite evaluation
  • Electrocardiography (EKG) testing

We also use outside commercial laboratory services for other blood analysis and specialized diagnostics. 

Anesthesia and Surgery Services

Spays and neuters are performed at our hospital. We also perform non-routine surgeries such as soft tissue trauma repair, gastrointestinal foreign body removals, orthopedic repairs, mass removals, etc. We use the safest anesthetics available and use modern equipment and technicians that monitor all of our patients vital signs during all anesthetic procedures. We tailor the anesthesia to the patient for each procedure. Our equipment is like that used to monitor human anesthestic procedures. 

Ultrasounds/Internal Medicine Consults

We have internal medicine specialists available that can provide ultrasound and consultation services at our hospital. We also may refer you to a local specialty hospital for these services if needed. 

Radiology Services

Our hospital is equipped with x-ray equipment to help in the diagnosis of many diseases/disorders. We also offer fast and efficient digital x-rays which cause minimal stress to the staff and patient.

K-Laser Therapy

We are very excited to have a K-Laser at our hospital! K-laser is the use of specific wavelengths of light to create therapeutic effects. K-Laser therapy provides many beneficial effects on tissues and cells and leads to improved and faster healing. K-Laser is used to treat many disorders. Please click here to view more about K-Laser therapy.


Teeth cleaning and polishing, extractions, and minor oral surgeries are procedures we routinely provide for our patients. We also have digital dental x-rays available to help diagnose dental disease below the gum line. 

Emergency Treatments & Urgent Care during Office Hours

When our family members are sick, we want solutions right away. We know you feel the same way about your pets. Our Charlotte veterinarians and other personnel are trained to handle life-threatening emergencies with speed and compassion. From car accidents to chocolate ingestion, our emergency team is here to help. If your pet has a sudden medical issue that isn't life-threatening, we will also do our best to squeeze you in between our regular appointments. And if your pet needs emergency treatment outside of normal office hours, refer to your nearest Charlotte emergency veterinarian.

In-House Pharmacy for Special Pet Products

Our on-site pharmacy has a variety of prescription-strength and specialty products for your pet's treatment and prevention needs. Get your heartworm pills, flea prevention meds, medicated shampoos, pet toothpaste, or prescription pet food right here during your visit.

Nutrition and Behavioral Counseling

We provide advice on nutrition for disease conditions as well as life stage and weight management recommendations. We also provide advice on behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, submissive urination, training, etc. We may also recommend veterinary behaviorists or trainers for your needs. 


We have pet boarding as a service for our clients only. Pet boarding is available for small pets under 50 lbs. 


Routine baths as well as therapeutic or medicated baths are available at our facility.

Call Us Today for an Appointment

At Hickory Grove Animal Hospital, we also offer pet dental care (including oral surgeries and X-rays), K-laser therapy to promote healing and spay and neuter surgeries to prevent overpopulation and reduce your pet's health risks. Call us today at 704-563-5858 to learn more or schedule your pet's next visit.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "I took Jasmine here for the first time and I can't say enough good things about this animal hospital, Dr Huskey and her staff. They all went over and above helping me to diagnose my dog with lymphoma and get her treatment started."
    Michelle D.
  • "Thankful for a kind, caring, ethical group of professionals that work hard at keeping Luka and Chloe healthy! I have been very pleased with every visit and would definitely recommend the Hickory Grove Animal Hospital."
    Laura R.