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At Hickory Grove Animal Hospital, digital radiology is just one of many services our veterinarian in Charlotte, NC has to offer. Specifically, digital radiology refers to X-rays that can be taken as a means of diagnosing any number of illnesses and conditions that may not otherwise be visible. In our office, we have the most advanced radiology services available. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we're able to obtain a clear image of your pet's internal organs and bones to make an accurate and informed diagnosis. Specifically, digital radiography millions of small sensors to capture an image of your pet's internal organs, bones, and other structures. 

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Benefits of Digital Radiography

Digital radiography is the preferred method of obtaining X-rays, especially compared to older film-based methods that required a waiting period while the images developed. Digital radiology afford numerous benefits to patients and veterinary staff alike. Aside from eliminating the waiting period associated with traditional X-rays, digital radiography provides much clearer and sharper images, which can make it easier for our veterinary staff to make an accurate diagnosis. All digital X-rays are immediately available on our computer screens, so we can also zoom in and re-take X-rays as needed for a better image.

Pet owners are also pleased to learn that digital radiography involves a much lower dose of radiation than traditional X-rays, making them safer for pets overall. Because they are digital, these X-rays are also more environmentally conscious and are easier to share via e-mail and other forms of technology.

Finally, unlike some other diagnostic tests, radiography is 100% painless for your pet. In fact, most pets don't even realize what is happening when they have their X-rays taken, so this allows us to perform the test without putting your pet under any additional stress or discomfort. The procedure is non-invasive, so there is generally no anesthesia necessary. Instead, your pet will simply be placed on an X-ray table (sometimes, pets are even able to lie down) and the necessary images can be captured in a matter of minutes.

Conditions Diagnosed By Radiography

There are many reasons as to why our veterinarian may recommend radiography services for your pet. One of the main uses of digital radiography is that of diagnosing bone breaks and fractures, which are not always obvious with a physical examination alone. This is especially true in cases of hairline fractures. Similarly, joint problems (such as arthritis) can also be diagnosed with help from digital radiology.

Other potential conditions or diseases that can be diagnosed with this method include:

  • cysts, tumors, and/or foreign bodies
  • organ problems
  • heart disorders
  • tracheal conditions

Many pets with urinary tract problems, such as bladder stones, can also have these diagnosed with digital radiography. Without this diagnostic option, it would be much more difficult and invasive to diagnose these medical conditions.

Request an Appointment With Hickory Grove Animal Hospital

If your pet is in need of diagnostic testing or if your pet is simply not acting like him or herself, it may be time to schedule an appointment with Hickory Grove Animal Hospital and our skilled veterinary team. We can make the necessary recommendations regarding which diagnostics are best for your pet's symptoms, and then perform them right here in our office. Ultimately, our goal is to accurately diagnose any medical problems so that we can begin treating them as soon as possible. To find out more about our digital radiography services or to schedule an appointment with our trusted and experienced veterinary team, contact our office by calling 704-563-5858 today.


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