Flea and Tick Prevention

Flea and tick prevention is not just for the hotter months of the year but for year-round protection for your furry canine and feline family members and best friends. Meet one of the leading veterinary doctors in Charlotte, NC, Dr. Sherry Huskey. Come and pay us a visit to Hickory Grove Animal Hospital or give us a call at 704-563-5858 for all of your pet's needs.  

Dr. Huskey is eager to meet you and your beloved pet. The doctor will explain to you all the available flea and tick preventions she believes to be the best product in the marketplace today. Dr. Sherry can recommend what flea prevention program is best for your pet. This veterinary doctor is skilled in many areas of expertise to treat and keep your pet healthy and well. 


Flea and Tick Prevention for Cats

Fleas and ticks can cause expensive health issues and agony for the animal. It is good to speak with Dr. Sherry Huskey about the tick and flea treatment she recommends for your cats. When cats are not treated for fleas and ticks, these pesky bugs can transmit diseases and irritate your pet's skin.

There are at least four diseases that fleas and ticks can cause for cats, Bartonella, Dermatitis, Anemia, and Tapeworms. While each one of these is not life-threatening they can worsen and eventually become life-threatening if not treated. 

Fleas are found nearly everywhere and stay active year-round inside your home. Fleas can hide out in any place in the home especially carpeting. This is why it is so vital to treat your pets every month. A Monthly flea control program is vital to the health and wellbeing of your cat. Never apply a flea and tick treatment meant for your dog on your cat. This can cause your cat serious issues.

Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs

Dogs can become a nice warm home for fleas and ticks to live and enjoy. Nothing is going to get rid of these bothersome bugs until you apply a tick and flea treatment. If you do not treat your dog they can suffer from some health issues including secondary infections and skin irritation. Prevention is not just for the summer months but for year-round. If you have dogs there is a good chance that you have fleas and ticks hiding in your home no matter how clean your home is there will be fleas. This is why it is necessary to treat dogs year-round.  Dr. Sherry can help you chose the right flea and tick prevention program for your dog.  Please do not wait until secondary problems arise in your dog. Make an appointment with Dr. Sherry today and get your dog on a good flea and tick prevention program year-round. 

Call Hickory Grove Animal Hospital

We cannot help your pet if you do not give us a call. Never wait unit a health crisis comes. Bring your pet in for a health and wellness exam and let us get to know you and your pet. Give us a call today at 704-563-5858 or access our website for more in-depth information. We can tell you what flea and tick prevention we truly believe in and use for our pets. Protect your furry friends year-round.


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  • "I took Jasmine here for the first time and I can't say enough good things about this animal hospital, Dr Huskey and her staff. They all went over and above helping me to diagnose my dog with lymphoma and get her treatment started."
    Michelle D.
  • "Thankful for a kind, caring, ethical group of professionals that work hard at keeping Luka and Chloe healthy! I have been very pleased with every visit and would definitely recommend the Hickory Grove Animal Hospital."
    Laura R.