Eye Injuries In Pets

Hickory Grove Animal Hospital in Charlotte has a team of trained veterinarian staff that can assist with your pet's eye injury. It is always scary when an animal is hurt. We want to put your mind at rest that we will take the best care of your loved family member.

Eye Injuries in Pets

Symptoms of an Eye Injury

      • Pawing excessively at the eye
      • Rapid blinking, twitching or spasms in the eye area
      • Swelling and/or inflammation in or around the eye
      • Sensitivity to light
      • Obviously, blood in the eye or an open wound
      • Cloudiness over the lens of the eye
      • A protruding eye
      • Discharge or extreme tearing
      • An object penetrates or perforates the eye

Dogs and cats are naturally curious and can get themselves into some rather precarious positions. Chasing a bug, snake or other animal can result in a bite or scratches on the eyes from branches they may encounter. Your territory protecting canine or feline can end up with wounds from a fight with another dog or cat. Gunshots, fireworks and other items that project can cause eye damage to your pet. Never attempt to remove any foreign object from your baby's eye as it could lead to further harm.

Ways to Prevent Eye Injury

      • Animals living outdoors will be more susceptible to these types of injuries - Keeping pets indoors will keep them healthier in many ways.
      • When outside, keep your dog on a leash - Socialize your pet at an early age to cut back on the possibility of fighting with other animals. Do not allow your dog to chase or attack cats - a leash with a harness is the best way to avoid this.
      • Many canines sustain eye injuries while hanging out the window - It is okay to leave a little crack in the window but having the window completely down or putting your dog in the bed of a truck is asking for trouble.
      • Kitties and doggies love to investigate anything different - Protect your fur baby by storing chemicals, sharp objects such as fishhooks, tools, blades, nails, screws and broken glass, out of reach. Remember, "Curiosity killed the cat"!

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