Dermatology FAQs

Dermatology isn't just for us humans. Our pets suffer from many of the same skin conditions that we do. To properly take care of your pet, we at Hickory Grove Animal Hospital recommend that you see a pet dermatologist. Below you will find the most commonly asked questions about animal dermatology and how it can help your pet. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are some common skin problems that dogs have?

Dogs can develop a rash, irritation, dry skin, sores, hair loss, hot spots, gray skin, flea infestation, and allergies. 

2. What are some common skin problems that cats have?

In addition to the conditions mentioned above, cats can develop a yeast infection, dermatitis, ringworm, bacterial infection, and fungal infection.

3. What are the skin symptoms that pet owners should look for?

As a pet owner, you can check your pet for itchiness, soreness, hair loss, strange bumps, lumps, scaly spots, excessive licking, and rash-like symptoms. You can also wash and groom your pet on a regular basis to spot any skin issues early on. The quicker these symptoms are identified, the more efficiently the skin condition can be dealt with.

4. What kind of skin conditions can a veterinarian treat?

This will depend on the veterinary clinic and whether the veterinarian specializes in dermatology. Pet dermatologists are able to diagnose and treat most skin conditions, as long as they have access to the right tools and testing equipment. Veterinarians can also offer preventative care in the form of grooming and bathing. Pet grooming is great for preventing future skin conditions from developing.

5. When should my pet see a pet dermatologist?

If you notice any skin symptoms that your pet exhibits, then it may be time for a visit to the vet. Regular pet examinations are generally recommended by animal health professionals. During a pet exam, your veterinarian will be able to detect and evaluate any serious skin conditions early on. 

6. Where in Charlotte, NC, can my pet receive dermatology care?

Hickory Grove Animal Hospital is a veterinarian center located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Pet dermatologist is just one of the many services that we provide to cats and dogs. We also offer pet grooming for those owners looking for preventative animal care. 

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