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  • Vaccine Neglect Is Bad for Dogs and Humans Alike
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Vaccine Neglect Is Bad for Dogs and Humans Alike

Vaccine Neglect Is Bad for Dogs and Humans Alike

cat about to receive her vaccines from Hickory Grove Animal Hospital in Charlotte, NC

Here at Hickory Grove Animal Hospital we are your Charlotte veterinarian. Part of our service is to prevent diseases and health problems for your pets. The primary way to help your pets stay healthy is through pet vaccinations in Charlotte. Learn why this service is so important to the health and well-being of your animals.

Will My Pet Become Harmed by Vaccines?

There is a heated debate in the US concerning vaccinations. The fear is that vaccines will cause more harm than good. However, this is unwarranted as pet vaccines by your veterinarian in Charlotte are safe and beneficial for your pet’s health and safety. We follow strict guidelines on vaccine scheduling and dosing to ensure the highest quality of care for your pet. 

How Will It Affect Me If My Pet Isn’t Vaccinated?

If your pet isn’t vaccinated this can lead to many devastating conditions including rabies, parvo, and distemper. In addition to being deadly to your pet some diseases can also harm you. The most notable disease is rabies, which is not curable and can lead to death in animals and humans. Furthermore, if your pet contracts a preventable disease and spreads it to other animals you could be held liable for spreading infectious diseases. 

What Pet Vaccinations in Charlotte are Required for My Pet?

Another reason that owners are weary of getting their pet vaccinations in Charlotte is because they simply aren’t sure of which vaccines to get. While there are some vaccines that are standard for most animals, your pet is unique in its health needs. As a result we may recommend that your pet get certain additional vaccines while skipping others. This all depends on the lifestyle and health condition of your pet. 

Contact Your Charlotte Veterinary Clinic

If you would like to schedule a vaccination for pets at a Charlotte veterinary clinic we are here to assist you. Hickory Grove Animal Hospital is a full service vet hospital. We have been vaccinating pets since 1987. Contact our office at 704-563-5858 to schedule a vaccination appointment.


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