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The Importance of Pet Dental Hygiene

Our Hickory Grove Animal Hospital in Charlotte, NC Discusses The Importance of Prioritizing Your Pet's Dental Hygiene

An animal's overall health can often be determined by a quick glance in its mouth, as dental issues can cause or be caused by other unrelated problems. To prevent or diagnose such issues, schedule annual visits with a veterinarian, like those here at Hickory Grove Animal Hospital in Charlotte. With decades of combined experience, our staff understand how to both prevent and treat oral problems and can set your pet up for dental success.

veterinarian brushing a dog's teeth

What are the Most Common Dental Problems in Animals? 

Many times, pets experience the same dental issues like people, the most frequent being abscesses (infected teeth), broken teeth and roots, mouth tumors or cysts, palate defects (such as cleft palate), crooked or misaligned teeth, broken jaw, and periodontal disease. Early detection is crucial, especially for periodontal disease, because its advancement causes extreme pain and has been associated with kidney and liver problems as well as heart muscle changes.

What's Involved in a Pet Dental Exam and Screening?

First, the veterinarian will perform an oral exam and determine if x-rays are necessary to evaluate the jaw or roots. Next, under anesthesia, your pet will receive a thorough cleaning and evaluation, including teeth scaling (to remove plaque) and polishing. This procedure allows the veterinarian to accurately assess below the gumline, where most dental issues occur.

What Does Pet Dental Maintenance Look Like?

Regularly brushing your pet's teeth at home (daily or several times a week) can make a huge difference between cleanings. Though annual exams ensure the best dental hygiene, sooner visits should be scheduled if you notice any of the following: bad breath, broken/loose teeth, discoloration or tartar buildup, bleeding or swelling in the mouth, or reduced appetite. 

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